Middle child syndrome is the belief that middle children are ignored, forgotten, or outright neglected because of their birth order. For most of my life I have believed this syndrome as 100% fact. I have spent years trying to relate to my fellow middle children about our plight only to have been met with side eyes and uncomfortable laughter. “DON’T YOU SEE? SOCIETY HAS OBJECTIVELY MEASURED THAT WE HAVE LESS VALUE AND WE WILL NEVER BE LOVED. IT’S NOT OUR FAULT!”
This used to provide me some comfort because it validated the feelings that I had for myself without really having to substantiate any proof or hold me accountable to changing my beliefs. It would take many years before I would understand what thought distortions are and how to challenge my thinking.

Middle Child is a brand for all of us works in progress, but especially for us who live with mental illness where imposter syndrome, inferiority complexes, and other thought distortions are more pervasive. This is a brand that’s all about reinventing the boxes that society tries to place the atypical into. It is estimated that at least 28% of Manitobans live with a mental illness, but it’s suspected that this number is much higher and not properly accounted for due to the highly stigmatized nature of mental health and our country’s inability to prioritize it with the same urgency and resources as physical health. That’s why partial proceeds from every sale are donated monthly to different mental health initiatives around Manitoba that are doing amazing work providing resources to people who might otherwise not have access to treatment.

Thank you for supporting my journey of healing through humour and for taking the time to learn a little more about the work I’m doing within my community.

Much love from this middle child,

Celia Bryn Mclean